Mobile TANK™

    NEW for 2020

    LOCKWOOD®’s Mobile TANK™ is the industry’s most agile potato handling unit. This unit exceeds both industry standards and customer expectations with regards to transport and setup time reduction. The Mobile TANK can be moved from location to location at posted highway speeds and because of the telescoping elevator can be setup and operational in minutes. The Mobile TANK innovative design follows LOCKWOOD’s line of mobile handling equipment and complements the already efficient VACS Mobile™ and VACS-8, as well as many other pre-storage cleaning units on the market.
    The Mobile TANK incorporates a holding unit on a customized semi-trailer. The unit uses a telescoping elevator that extends down from the front of the trailer to a position under the stinger trailer discharge. LOCKWOOD offers a stinger trailer with up to three truck stingers to unload potatoes from the truck and deliver to the tank. The stinger trailer is entirely powered hydraulically through quick connect fitting located at front of semi-trailer.
    Potatoes are transported from the stingers along a system of elevator/conveyors and deposited in the tank.  The tank uses a standard boom and optional telescoping boom to load the tank. Pile height specifications are adjustable and manually set by the operator. The telescoping boom will move forward and backward in relation to the tank pile to compensate for inconsistencies of truck availability.
    The Mobile TANK unloading belt incorporates a steel chain with bolted belting with an adjustable speed control, manually adjusted by the operator to downstream cleaning equipment requirements. The tank discharge utilizes a baffle to minimize pile roll (break away) and surging to maintain a consistent flow into the cleaning device elevator.
    The Mobile TANK is 100% hydraulically powered by two wet kits and an intuitive touch screen user interface.
    • - Industry setting MOBILITY
    • - Industry setting Set-up time
    • - First in/First out product concept
    • - No internal baffles, minimizing bruising of product
    • - Belt covered pintle chain for wear & longevity of discharge belt
    • - Complete machine illumination for night operation & safety
    • - Complements LOCKWOOD’s MOBILE line of products
    • - Tank design reduces product bruising & skinning
    • - Tank design allows complete unloading while reducing build up
    Tank Telescoping Load Conveyor:
    Telescopes inside tank, depending on pile
    Stinger Trailer:
    Unload up to 3 trucks
    Standard Equipment
    Touch Screen User Interface
    2 Electric Operate Hyd. Kits
    Tank Unloading Belt:
    Steel Chain with Bolted Belting
    Tank Load Conveyor/Belt:
    Moving Conveyor with Power Cleat
    Elevator Belt:
    Rib Guided Belt with Power Cleats
    Steel Hard Top Cover
    Surge Baffle:
    At Discharge
    LED High Illumination (Stadium) Lighting Package
    460V - 3 Phase - 100 Amps
    Technical Specs
    700 CWT
    Operational 62.5' (unfolded)
    Transport 50.8' (folded)
    Transport Speed:
    Posted Highway
    42,000 pounds
    Elevator Width:
    Tank Belt Width: