Lockwood of Maine

    Lockwood of Maine - Presque Isle
    135 Parson St
    Presque Isle, ME 04769
    Phone: 207-764-4196
    Fax: 207-764-4198
    Contact Email: dbouchrd@maine.rr.com
    New - Lockwood 472AH Harvester

    Lockwood 2 row air harvester, 69 1/2" wide main frame, Full width primary with center flex belt, 42" cross, 48" side elevator, 60" Ellis table, 60" air chamber, 170hp Cummins engine, Tilting axel, Trailing arm coulters with 27" waffel discs. Return to Center Steering, Return to Depth Control. Joystick easy functions. Engine Start & Engine Clutch engagement from Control Box. Vine Blowers available on units.  8, 10, 12, & 14 Row Capacity .

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    New - Lockwood 554 Windrower

    Lockwood 4 row windrower, off-set hitch with support wheel, RH discharge, Hydraulic drive rear cross. PTO pump for the (rocker type) shakers, Trailing arm coulters with 27" waffel discs, 2 full width (69 1/2") primary webs with center flex belt

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    New - Lockwood 656 6 Row Windrower

    Our newest product, 2 full width (69 1/2") and 2 single (33") primary webs this allows 3 rows to be driven from each side of the machine, In line secondarys so the cross conveyor can discharge right or left, Canbus hydraulic system features end of row and return to dig functions, This raises and lowers the digger-coulters-stabilizer wheels and discharge boom with one touch, Functions are controled by touch pads on the panel or a user friendly joystick, Sliding cross conveyor for RH or LH discharge and for alignment to the rows being windrowed into, Also the 656 has return to center steering and the ability to raise or lower the back of the windrower. Best 6-Row windrower available on the market for dependability. 

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