Crary - Potato Growers - Harvesting - 674 Air Harvester


674 Air Harvester

Profits Are Part of the Design!

Handle large volumes and gently separate potatoes with Lockwood's rock removal system.  Built with the latest Lockwood advances, this machine will enhance productivity and boost profits.

  • Rock protection for digger nose
  • Dual Crary blowers for optimized air flow
  • Can-bus system with user-friendly joystick control
  • 60 inch vacuum chamber to effectively lift potatoes from rocks
  • No steering tie-rod reduces build-up under the machine
  • Longer frame for enhanced cleaning of the potatoes
  • Return to depth and return to center standard
  • Full-width secondary stone cleaning table

Model 674 Air
Number of Rows 4
Row Spacing 32 inch - 38 inch
Digging Speed 2 - 5 mph
Headlands to Turn 23 feet
Digger Nose Width, Wide 152.5 inch
Digger Nose Width, Narrow 146.25 inch
Tractor PTO 250 hp
Base Machine (lbs) 30,000

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