Crary - Potato Growers - Harvesting - 674 & 674CR Harvester


674 & 674CR Harvester

One machine can have it all!

The latest Lockwood innovations in one machine!  This Lockwood harvester is light weight, provides the best visibility and has improved floatation.

  • Pressure-compensated rock protection for digger nose
  • Crary blowers provide balanced air flow
  • Can-bus system with user-friendly joystick control
  • Phasing cylinders allow for tighter turning and elimate build-up under machine
  • Side elevator and rear cross available in hydraulic or mechanical drives
  • Return to depth dig and return to center steering standard
  • Two large tires allow tighter turning and more floatation
  • A full line of side elevator cleaning tables are available
  • Full-width cleaning table available for Direct Load and Wrap Around models
  • Available with a bulk boom hopper to allow non-stop digging
  • More hydraulic drive options for infinate variable speed on belted chain
  • Hydraulic Wheel Drive available 

Model 674 674CR
Number of Rows 4 4
Row Spacing 32 inch - 38 inch 36 inch - 38 inch
Digger Speed 2-5 mph 2-5 mph
Headlands to Turn 23 feet 23 feet
Digger Nose Width, Wide 140.5 inch 140.5 inch
Digger Nose, Width, Narrow 134.25 inch 134.25 inch
Tractor PTO Min. 250 hp 250 hp
Base Machine (lbs.) 24,500 24,000

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