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Direct Load Sweet Potato Harvesters

Lockwood Mfg. now offers two models of direct load sweet potato harvesters. Bulk harvesting sweet potatoes is made easy with the Lockwood 672 2 Row and 674 4 Row harvesters. Sweet potato harvesting is taken to the next level with these high capacity machines built for performance and efficiency.

Features of the Lockwood Direct Load Sweet Potato Harvesters:
• Pressure-compensated rock protection for digger nose
• Crary blower(s) for optimized air flow
• Can-bus system with user-friendly joystick control
• Hydraulic primary, secondary and boom
• Long frame for enhanced cleaning of the potatoes
• Return to depth dig and return to center steering
• Maximum digging speed up to 4 mph

Lockwood manufactures a variety of potato and sweet potato equipment. For more information on products Lockwood has to offer, please contact one of our potato specialists at 800.247.7335 or by visiting our website

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