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Lockwood 672 Harvester

New Two Row Harvester!

Lockwood Mfg. is proud to announce the addition of the 672 Harvester to its equipment line up. The 672 model is a two row, direct load potato harvester. Improved floatation, increased visibility and a light weight frame are only a few of the great features of the 672 harvester.

The Lockwood 672 Harvester is built with all of Lockwood's latest innovations.
Can-bus system with user-friendly joystick: This easy-to-use joystick provides the operator the ability to quickly manipulate the nose height, booms and other controls without looking away from the field. The joystick comes with six buttons that provide access to multiple functions found on the control box.
Rock protection for the digger nose: When the 672 digger nose comes in contact with a large rock, the digger nose will retract up, and over the rock. This helps minimize damage to the digger nose, allowing for more harvesting time and less down time.
Customize your machine: There are a variety of options to customize the 672 harvester to fit your needs and land conditions. A few options include:
• A full line of side elevator cleaning tables
• Full-width cleaning tables available for Direct Load and Wrap Around models

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