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Lockwood VACS-5

Lockwood Adds VACS-5 to its Potato Handling Equipment

Lockwood Mfg. has added the VACS-5 model to its line of potato handling products. The VACS-5 is a complete handling and cleaning system that efficiently removes rocks, dirt, vines and other debris effortlessly. With the aid of high velocity air, you can now clean and separate loads of potatoes easily while minimizing damage.

How the VACS-5 Works!
The 60 inch air chamber first cleans the debris by running the load over a full-width cleaning table to remove excess dirt, vines and corn stalks. The remaining contents move into the high-flow air chamber that efficiently elevates the potatoes into a high stream of air, lifting them onto the discharge conveyer while allowing the stones to continue through, removing them from your potatoes.

Features of the VACS-5:
• Complete system includes vacuum chamber, Stone cleaning table, containment center and air supply unit
• 2,200 hundred weight per hour capacity
• 60 inch wide stone table for preliminary dirt and rock removal
• 48 inch potato discharge conveyor
• Collection conveyors for both dirt and stones to one discharge point
• 230/460 Volt 3 PH VFD controlled motors on all tables and conveyors for maximum efficiency
• Containment unit for collection of fine dirt and debris (vines, corn cobs, stalks, ect.)
• Provides a clean and noise free work environment for employees
• High efficiency backward inclined fan
• 170 HP Cummins engine power plant
• Hydraulic activated clutch for remote start up
• Central control panel with remote access to air supply unit
• Range of accessory options to customize your VACS-5


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