Modern Day Air Systems

Learn how the VACS MOBILE™ works

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What Planter Class is Right for Your Operation?

Here's what to consider.

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Air Cup Planters

Are they really so much better? (Short answer: Yes)

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Hydraulic Harvester: Luxury or Necessity?

Hydraulics offer innovation.

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So You Think You're Up on Today's Harvest Technology?

Save time and money.

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LOCKWOOD® Equipment

Harvest season is here! Check out these Harvesters.

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10 Quick Ways to Protect Your Investment

Top tips to get you through harvest

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For over 80 years, LOCKWOOD®  has been one of the leading manufacturers of high quality, reliable potato equipment.  LOCKWOOD® proudly builds a variety of potato planters, handling equipment, windrowers and harvesters.  

Maximize your operation's efficiency with equipment options and features to accommodate your farm's specific needs!


At LOCKWOOD®, we strengthen the profitability of the potato customer through innovative solutions and service excellence.