Modern Day Air Systems

Learn how the VACS MOBILE™ works

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What Planter Class is Right for Your Operation?

Here's what to consider.

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Top Tips for Optimal Planting

Success starts with planting.

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Air Cup Planters

Are they really so much better? (Short answer: Yes)

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Hydraulic Harvester: Luxury or Necessity?

Hydraulics offer innovation.

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So You Think You're Up on Today's Harvest Technology?

Save time and money.

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LOCKWOOD® Equipment

Harvest season is here! Check out these Harvesters.

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10 Quick Ways to Protect Your Investment

Top tips to get you through harvest

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Spud Cleaning 101

Best Table for the Best Clean

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Living up to TJ’s legacy

LOCKWOOD's 85+ year dedication

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What a Long, Long Way We’ve Come

Looking back at the innovation that brought us here.

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VACS Mobile Solution

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LOCKWOOD®. We Know Potatoes™.


For over 80 years, LOCKWOOD®  has been one of the leading manufacturers of high quality, reliable potato equipment.  LOCKWOOD proudly builds a variety of potato planters, handling equipment, windrowers and harvesters.  

Maximize your operation's efficiency with equipment options and features to accommodate your farm's specific needs!


At LOCKWOOD, we strengthen the profitability of the potato customer through innovative solutions and service excellence.


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